George W. Bush’s Nephew Hints That His Uncle Will Vote For Clinton, And Then Walks It Back

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On Tuesday night, George P. Bush, the nephew of former President George W. Bush, hinted that his uncle may be voting for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Yet George P. quickly backtracked from that statement to say he was only “speculating” and that George W. may only “potentially” vote for Hillary. This attempt at a clarification has cause quite a bit of buzz.

The latest suggestion from George P., who is the Texas Land Commissioner, adds only more speculation into what the Bush family is going to do on Election Day. In September, there were rumors swirling that George H. W. Bush was going to vote for Clinton. This rumor stemmed from family friend Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend telling everyone how the eldest Bush was going with the Democratic candidate. A spokesperson for Bush remained mum on Townsend’s declaration, simply stating Bush’s vote would be private.

Well, the news seems to be repeating itself with George W. Bush. Is this surprising at all? Donald Trump famously humiliated Jeb Bush (father of George P.) at every possible moment during primary season. And Jeb fought back with all his might. It’s no wonder the family may have taken up the rivalry.

If the Bushes do in fact cast their ballots as suggested, they’d join an ever growing list of Republicans not voting for Trump. Trump has not done himself any favors to win over his political party, some of those who have voted for him don’t seem to enthused either. This election grows more contentious every day.

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