Geraldo Rivera’s Hot Mic Shows His Harsh Feelings About Bernie Sanders

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The blessed specimen of a hot mic can often turn a dry news report into glorious chaos. One week ago, audiences witnessed such hilarity when Chris Matthews got caught creeping on Melania Trump and her model walk. This incident followed not far behind Matthews slamming Chris Christie’s odd and desperate attachment to Donald Trump. Matthews may be the king of this election cycle’s hot-mic phenomenon, but there’s a dark horse on the horizon. Wherever journalistic trouble lurks, Geraldo Rivera — the great revealer of troop movements — can’t be too far behind. The Fox News personality was pleased to live up to his reputation after Bernie Sanders took home another state in the West Virginia primary.

Sanders led quite a fiery rally in Salem, Oregon, which doubled as a victory speech and a general-election type of discussion. He’s in it to win it, for he’s already captured nearly 45% of the Democratic pledged delegates. Is he too optimistic about his chances? Most likely, but the Bern declared his ultimate goal: “We must defeat Donald Trump.” From there, he slammed Trump for insulting women, Latinos, and Muslims on a daily basis. He touched on how Trump attacked John McCain because he got “captured.” And the Bern takes great issue with Trump’s former role as a key player in the birther movement against President Obama. Sanders stressed, “Mr. Trump cannot become president because the American people understand that our strength is in our diversity.” His fans roared in approval.

Well, Geraldo Rivera isn’t a Sanders fan. As Fox News host Sean Hannity spoke off camera about “the socialist Bernie Sanders,” Rivera is heard saying, “He’s so annoying. This guy is so annoying.” A surprised Hannity warns, “Your mic is hot! What are you saying?” Rivera continues, “That he’s so annoying. And people that think that his supporters go to Donald Trump are smoking dope.” This guy isn’t ashamed, but the hot mic sure is revealing.

Raw Story captured the glorious video evidence of the hot mic mess.

If you missed Sanders’ post-victory rally speech, here ’tis.

(Via Raw Story)