There’s Another Savior Swooping In To Save Vine From Oblivion

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People are still mourning the impending demise of Vine, but one group is hoping to come to the rescue. On Saturday, Giphy announced it is offering Vine the ability to transfer its existing videos to its site.

The news of Vine closing up shop was a shock to all fans of six-second videos, but the door has not been closed just yet. PornHub made a cheeky declaration save the video app, but chances are that probably won’t happen. But Giphy arrived on a white horse to offer Vine enthusiasts a new avenue a way to watch their favorite videos. Giphy announced that the vine loops would continue to roll, as they are offering older Vines to be housed under its banner:

“The great thing about the loop is that it’s infinite; it never ends. If you have a GIPHY account, you’ll be able to transfer over all of the Vines you’ve created with this new tool we just finished. For now, they’ll be shareable on GIPHY as GIFs but we’ve got the videos for you, too (sound and all), in the source data we keep for each and every Vine–to–GIF.”

Vine stars and the adorable pets of the internet will continue to live on thanks to Giphy. But more importantly, DMX llama isn’t going anywhere.

(Via Medium)