Nothing Is As Depressing As This Little Girl’s Tears Of Joy After Being Told She’s Going To A Donald Trump Rally

What kinds of stuff were you into when you were nine years old? Maybe riding bikes, playing video games, or hanging out with friends? Well, the little girl in this video is super into Donald Trump apparently, as she completely melts down into tears of unbridled joy when her mom tells her that they’re going to the Trump rally this past Monday in New Hampshire. (Which, honestly, is no place for children, if you ask us. Maybe he won’t talk about shooting people this time?)

It’s hard enough to make sense of the inexplicable hold Donald Trump has over his many adult supporters across the country, but now our children? (And not just the ones who are likely getting bribed out the wazoo to perform at his rallies.) What kind of sorcery is this? The only explanation for a kid to ever have a reaction like this is if she was told that she is not only going to Disneyland, but as a special guest to stay in Cinderella’s castle where all of her needs will be attended to by animated birds and forest animals magically come to life.

Thankfully, for every “Ava” here, we still have plenty of level-headed American children who are willing to see through Trump’s rhetoric.

(Via BarStool Sports)