Gisele Will Reportedly Play The Victim In A Simulated Assault During The Olympic Opening Ceremony

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final
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The 2016 Rio Olympics are still a few days away and they are already among the weirdest to ever be held. The latest news about a mugging of a celebrity is proof.

No, it’s not a real mugging. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is a native of Brazil and is expected to take part in the Opening Ceremony. Will she dance? Sing? Wave to the crowd and millions around the world watching at home?

Actually, she will be mugged. That’s not a joke about all the crime that’s taken place in the past couple weeks. According to a translation by Deadspin of a story from UOL, Gisele will act out being mugged during the pageantry that is the Opening Ceremony.

Still in the first hour reserved for the performing arts, the flight of a replica of the plane 14 Bis draw the attention of all. Soon after, the course is free for a parade of more than 100 meters from top international Gisele Bündchen. At this time, there will be a simulation of assault and even persecution.

Considering there has been this kidnapping and that kidnapping, is it possible Rio sees crime as part of the city’s charm and wants to advertise it? Or maybe the translation is slightly off and what everyone is talking about is a metaphor, that Rio, much like Gisele did to Tom Brady, will steal your heart. Get it?

Or maybe the mugging situation in Brazil is so bad that the Olympics simply decided to schedule one in advance to avoid any unexpected muggings that could ruin the event’s choreography.

(UOL via Deadspin)