Glenn Beck Doesn’t Mince Words When Asked His Thoughts On Tomi Lahren: ‘I Would’ve Fired Her The Day I Met Her’

Glenn Beck appeared on Free Speech Broadcasting for a chat with John Ziegler and he was faced with his thoughts on Tomi Lahren, the former TheBlaze personality that was expulsed from the conservative network reportedly for her pro-choice views. This was not the case according to Beck and he actually wanted to fire Lahren from the very beginning of her tenure.

While Ziegler isn’t sure how much Beck can talk about Lahren given their legal wranglings following her dismissal, the former Fox News fixture surprises him by being frank:

“I would’ve fired her the day I met her in the hallway. And that’s no kidding. And would’ve fired her from the beginning, wanted to fire her all along, advised them to fire her. They never did.”

This is surprising on many fronts. Not only does Beck reveal that he has a sort of independent status at TheBlaze that allows him to continue on his samurai’s path without reflecting on the entire brand, but he’s also not involved in the hiring and firing on a regular basis. While he talks about hiring someone immediately after saying this, he apparently had no say in Lahren’s appearance on the network.

He also clarifies that her pro-choice comments on The View were not the reason he wanted her fired. This was instead based on the idea that there are some people who are just out there spewing craziness as facts without the ability to back it up:

“It had nothing to do with being pro-choice…What I have problem with is somebody who will change their point of view or will say absolutely crazy, red meat things, and will not have any intellectual firepower to back it up.”

This means that Beck not only believes himself to have the intellectual ammo to defend every point he’s ever made, but he also feels that he’s never said “crazy, red meat things.” It the type of thing that should give you pause and force you to question reality out loud, sorta like the moments where folks were cheering Beck for being anti-Trump and inviting him on their shows.

Anyway, Glenn Beck has never been a Tomi Lahren fan apparently. He’s above such things now. You can listen to the comments on Lahren below beginning at the 28 minute mark.