The GoFundMe For Alton Sterling’s Children Is Raising An Incredible Amount Of Money

A GoFundMe for the children of Alton Sterling, who was shot and killed by Louisiana police officers on Tuesday, has exceeded its original goal of $200,000 in less than 24 hours after being created. Actor and writer Issa Rae (Insecure) created the page to help fund a scholarship for Sterling’s 15-year-old son and provide for his four other children. So far, more than 9,700 people have donated to the fund, with donations ranging from $5 to even an anonymous Good Samaritan donating $5,000.

Sterling is yet another victim in a long list of black men who have been shot and killed by police officers in the U.S. He was killed on Tuesday after an altercation with two police officers. As the officers pinned him down, one officer pulled out a gun and shot Sterling twice. A viral video of the incident has made the rounds with frustration, confusion and disappointment reaching a fever pitch around the country. Vigils and memorials have begun for Sterling, including this GoFundMe account. Rae was quick to act on the tragedy by setting up the charitable page a day after Sterling was killed. Rae tweeted her frustration at the number of killings skyrocketing over the last few months. She wanted to do something to help Sterling’s family, who were left helpless in the situation.

Rae said she has yet to make contact with Sterling’s family, but is immensely proud of the outpouring of support.

The Justice Department released a statement saying it’s opening a Civil Rights Investigation about the shooting.

Via (Jezebel)