NC Gov. McCrory Marvels That Voters Aren’t ‘Coming Out,’ Seems To Forget His Own Suppression Efforts

On Sunday, North Carolina governor Pat McCroy appeared on Fox News and touted exit poll data that suggests lower Democratic turnout in the state’s early voting period when compared to “the Obama voters [who] were coming out four years ago at this point in time.” (While then-Senator Barack Obama won the Tarheel State in 2008, it went to Mitt Romney in 2012.)

McCrory cited “Clinton fatigue” and concern over the Democratic candidate’s email news as causes for the depressed vote. He did not mention the fact that in 2013, he signed into law a series of voting restrictions, including I.D. requirements, a limit on the number of early-voting days, and the elimination of same-day registration. This summer, the 4th Circuit court of appeals struck down the law in a unanimous decision, on the basis that the law was designed to suppress minority voters.

During his Fox appearance, McCrory complained that the press has asked him if he’s “still supporting” Donald Trump (he is) more frequently than they ask his Democratic opponent, Roy Cooper, if he’s still supporting Clinton.

Earlier this year, McCrory gained national attention when he signed a law requiring people to use the bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates when in government buildings. The law has, of course, been widely seen as discriminatory against trans people, and the Justice Department has said that it puts the state in violation of federal civil rights laws.

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