Watch Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Get Skewered During His Flint Water Crisis Testimony

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder isn’t having such a good time right now. Because of the Flint water crisis, the Republican head of state who assumed office in 2011 has been under heavy scrutiny for his administration’s perceived lack of response. From documentary filmmaker Michael Moore’s publicized call for Snyder’s arrest, to unearthed emails that revealed just how much the governor’s office knew, things have been the opposite of peachy. And thanks to his congressional testimony on Thursday, they’re even worse.

As far as sessions before members of congress go, things were pretty tame until Snyder claimed that his office “took immediate action” as soon as they “learned there was a lead issue.” That’s when Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Pennsylvania) interrupted him for the first of many times.

“Governor Snyder, plausible deniability only works when it’s plausible, and I’m not buying that you didn’t know about any of this until October 2015. You were not in a medically induced coma for a year. I’ve had about enough of your false contrition and your phony apologies.”

Loud guffaws from those in attendance to the contrary, Cartwright wasn’t done.

Meanwhile, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy was also sitting at the table with Snyder. She made her own statements regarding the Flint water crisis and the agency’s allegedly lackluster response to the matter, but also took her moment to shift the blame to the state. And with Cartwright’s pointed statements at Snyder, she was happy to be out of the limelight.