German Police Are Deploying Water Cannons As Massive Protests Erupt Ahead Of The G20 Summit

President Trump arrived in Hamburg earlier today (around 4pm local time) and headed to a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, while those two were meeting, G20-related protests erupted in the city that led to riot police being deployed and water cannons being used to disperse crowds.

Protests were expected at the G20 summit with reports of thousands of anti-capitalists amassing in Hamburg, at least a portion of whom, it’s believed, stand in opposition to President Trump:

The street marches and rallies — like at past Group of 20 gatherings — cover a range of issues including calls for environmental protections, denunciations of ethnic nationalism and opposition to free trade.

But the Hamburg protests have gained added momentum as a stand against President Trump and his brand of “America First” populism. An estimated 100,000 protesters were expected to converge on the old merchant city during the G-20 summit, which begins Friday.

The G20 summit is beginning to develop a reputation for protests that lead to (arguably) drastic police intervention. In 2009, the London edition drew allegations of police brutality. In 2010, protestors burned police cars and more than 1,000 people were arrested.

So far no arrest numbers have been reported, but the chaotic scene is ongoing.

(Via CBS News & Washington Post)