Hannibal Buress Was Arrested For Disorderly Intoxication Following A Heated Confrontation With Miami Cops

Hannibal Buress found himself in cuffs on Saturday night in Miami (where he was in town for Art Basel), and in the harsh daylight, different reports are swirling on how the situation developed. The Miami New Times points toward initial reports that the comedian attracted law enforcement’s attentions for “trespassing.” Yet as that outlet later revealed and the local NBC affiliate confirmed, Buress’ booking report reflects an arrest for disorderly intoxication.

It remains unclear exactly what circumstances led to Buress being detained against a Miami PD vehicle by two cops, and he appeared to be puzzled as well. Per the above bystander-recorded video footage, Buress demands to know what probable cause the police have to arrest him. “Am I under arrest? For what?” he asks “Explain what I’m detained for?” The full video lasts for only a few minutes and shows an already-cuffed Buress refusing to get into the car. After one cop accuses him of being difficult, Buress can be heard laughing and declaring, “He’s just salty because I roasted his ass.”

In response to a tweeted inquiry from documentary film director Billy Corben, the Miami PD acknowledged that Buress was arrested at around 10:30 pm EST. He posted bail and left the station at around 6:00 am EST on Sunday morning.

UPDATE – 5pm EST: TMZ reports that, prior to being cuffed, Buress attempted to convince an officer to call him an Uber, but when the cop refused, Buress allegedly became “angry and belligerent.”

Buress has now addressed the matter on Twitter.


(Via Miami New Times & NBC MIami)