Sean Hannity Hung Up On Ex-Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau And His Podcast Crew When They Called Him

Beyond Donald Trump’s sniffling attack and Hillary Clinton’s bad pun-making skills during the first presidential debate, we learned Sean Hannity supposedly holds all the answers, at least where Trump is concerned. In one of the more unusual moments of an odd debate, Trump sidestepped accusations he lied about his stance on the invasion of Iraq and asked why people haven’t called Hannity to get his real take on the subject. Well, members of The Ringer‘s “Keepin’ it 1600” podcast did just that.

During this campaign, Hannity has shown himself to be a steadfast ally to Trump, but during the debate, Trump may have assumed he could count on the Fox News host to bail him out. When asked about his false claim he was originally against the war in Iraq, Trump shot back saying this whole situation was just created by the media. Hillary Clinton pointed to a Howard Stern interview where Trump said he was for the war, which he then vehemently denied. He became a little rattled at this point and was baffled why people haven’t called Hannity yet, as he could vouch for him.

Most people don’t have the Fox News host’s cell number, but hosts for The Ringer‘s “Keepin’ it 1600” podcast scored the digits. Former President Obama speechwriters Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett and former Obama national security spokesman Tommy Vietor were live podcasting the event when they decided to take up Trump’s offer and called Hannity live. He promptly hung up on them.

In Hannity’s defense, his cell was probably blowing up with calls and texts asking, “Yo, Sean baby, what’s up with Trump and the Iraq War? You got the 411?” As far as anyone knows, Hannity has yet to call or text anyone back about Trump’s original take on the invasion of Iraq.

(Via The Ringer on Twitter)

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