Here’s Why You Should Never Post Your Mom’s Photo To A Message Board

Let me preface this by saying that what I’m about to detail is one of the funniest things I’ve run across on the web in a long time. But first, some background…

The LSU sports fan site is one of the more popular college sports fans websites out there — its message boards even draw fans of other teams from around the country who venture in there to talk sports and run smack. Within that site and its various message boards is a bit of a separate subculture that exists on its “Fark board” — a place where some of the web’s funniest and most skilled Photoshop experts — led by the genius LSUfreek — hang out and post hilarious photos, gifs, etc. People with knowledge of the board will often go there to make requests — say for instance you wanted to put Sarah Palin’s face onto the head of a minotaur, you could probably go there and request it and someone would do it. Hell, I wouldn’t doubt if it’s already been done.

So a few days ago when a Tigerdroppings user who goes by “foreverLSU30” posted a picture of his mother and asked for help touching it up from the board’s denizens, hilarity was bound to ensue.

“Can someone make this picture a little bit better/brighter for my Mom’s profile on her company website?,” foreverLSU30 asked. “She’s also requesting a little airbrushing on the neck area & under her eyes.”

What followed were days of Tigerdroppings fark board users having some lighthearted fun with foreverLSU30’s mother’s face, and foreverLSU30 seems to be having a sense of humor about it all. So I put together a slideshow of my 25 personal favorites. Enjoy…

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more hilarious entries at the end.