Hillary Clinton Put The ‘Biggest Crack In That Glass Ceiling Yet’ At The DNC

Each candidate for president officially has their own semi-awkward entrance at their respective conventions. For Donald Trump, it was his Undertaker entrance on day one that spawned many imitations and jokes after Melania Trump’s speech. Tonight, Hillary Clinton gets her own via satellite as a sort of disembodied face on the telescreen that watches as you drink Victory gin and rat on your friends. Not saying she’s in an Orwell tale, but some people will enjoy such references.

Clinton is meant to be literally breaking the glass ceiling and gathering steam on her trip to the White House. If anything, the awkwardness here likely has more to do with some awkwardness with the feed. She seems to just be there without smiling for quite a long time, making you feel a little awkward if you’re watching at home or online. In person, it was clearly pandemonium. It was an emotional ending to the day that officially made Clinton the Democratic nominee for president and marked the date for history. It might’ve seemed like a foregone conclusion for years, even with the Bernie Sanders campaign, but many pinned today as historical.

Meanwhile, at the GOP headquarters, this is likely the view the reaction they had:

They just really don’t like Hillary Clinton, at all.

(Via ABC 15)

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