Hillary Clinton Cancels Her California Trip After Her Doctor’s Pneumonia Admission

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Sunday was a long day for the Clinton campaign. The day began as the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and quickly spiraled into a public relations nightmare after Clinton became “overheated” and abruptly departed the commemoration ceremony. She stumbled, which was bad enough, and then she lost a shoe, which really caused people to lose it. In all seriousness, though, Clinton nearly had to be lifted into her waiting vehicle, and the resulting footage was not a good look. The media was shielded from what was happening, which led to a speculative reporting. But soon, Clinton happily emerged from her daughter’s apartment only to be heckled by Martin Shkreli, Trump superfan and pharmaceutical troll extraordinaire.

Isn’t that exhausting? Just thinking about all of it sounds tedious, let alone enduring the mess, which ended with Clinton’s doctor admitting that pneumonia was the cause of the Democratic nominee’s exhaustion and dehydration. Clinton was diagnosed on Friday, and the campaign kept things quiet while she went about her schedule. The NYC heatwave, a pantsuit, and a likely bulletproof vest all contributed, but if only the campaign had been upfront, maybe some of this mess could have been avoided. Well, that’s an optimistic stance, for the Alt-Right conspiracy theorists have been running rampant in this election.

Pneumonia (which explains last week’s controversial cough) is a serious enough illness that Clinton decided to heed her doctor’s advice and rest. CNN reports that she cancelled her Monday/Tuesday California trip, which included an appearance on The Ellen Show and multiple fundraising events. Clinton was also scheduled to appear in Nevada this week, and as of now, that trip has not been cancelled. The nixed events haven’t been rescheduled, and she’s gone into recovery mode for good reason. If Clinton fails to do so, she could jeopardize the general election, which is less than 60 days away.

(Via CNN)

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