Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech Caused An Outpouring Of Internet Emotion

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Hillary Clinton made history on Thursday night by officially becoming the first female nominee for President of the United States from a major party. She took the stage in Philadelphia to formally accept the nomination while beaming with joy, relief and exuberance. The whole Democratic convention was having a ball, with Bill and Hillary mesmerized by the level of celebration they saw at the Wells Fargo Center:

I wish I loved anything as much as the Clintons love balloons. But party favors aside, the event ended with Clinton echoing the convention’s theme of unity, relating, “America would never be a nation where one person had all the power. Let’s be stronger together… make America greater than ever.” It was a poignant moment for all the controversy that occurred during the week and voters shared their enthusiasm with Clinton’s nomination:

And of course, there was a little humor to be had too.

Many were ecstatic with the fact the U.S. now has a female presidential nominee, while others were just happy Clinton was not just reiterating rhetoric, but instead gave concrete evidence of what she would do as president. The election is now in full swing and with this type of momentum behind her, Clinton is poised to ride the good waves all the way to November.

(Via Vox)