Clinton Takes Aim At Trump’s Business Prowess: ‘What Kind Of Genius Loses $1 Billion In A Single Year?’

At a campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio Monday afternoon, Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump for his business losses and possible tax avoidance. “You may have heard that he has long refused to release his tax returns, the way every other nominee for president has done for decades,” the Democratic presidential nominee said, bringing up a New York Times exposé that showed the Republican presidential nominee may not have paid any federal income tax for 18 years. “Well, back in the 1990s, Trump apparently lost a billion dollars in a single year on bad investments and failing casinos. As a result, it doesn’t look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for two decades.”

Stating that Trump “represents the same failed system that he claims he’s going to change,” Clinton asserted that the way the Republican presidential nominee reacted to his $1 billion loss is a perfect of example of why he’s unfit to lead a country:

“After he made all those bad bets and lost all that money, he didn’t lift a finger to help and protect his employees. Or all the small businesses and contractors he’d hired. Or the people of Atlantic City. They all got hammered, while he was busy with his accountants trying to figure out how he could keep living like a billionaire … Trump was taking from America and leaving the rest of us with the bill.”

Clinton went on to rip the Republican presidential nominee for saying he was “smart” for avoiding taxes. “Yesterday his campaign was bragging that it makes him a ‘genius,'” she said. “What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?”

You can watch Clinton’s full speech below.