Hillary Clinton Tweets Support For Leslie Jones Following The Awful Online Hack Committed Against Her

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By now you’ve probably read about the horrific hack committed against Saturday Night Live cast member and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. Following an online campaign that almost drove the comedian off of social media back in July, this attack raised the stakes to an alarming — and very illegal — level. Despite the egregious invasion of Jones’ privacy, however, friends, colleagues and other pertinent personalities have been reaching out to the comic to offer their support. Chief among them was “Khaleesi” herself, Hillary Clinton.

In a tweet published late Thursday, the Democratic presidential nominee told Jones “no one deserves this — least of all someone who brings us so much joy.”

“I’m with you,” Clinton concluded with a paraphrase of her popular campaign slogan, “I’m With Her.”

The language used by Clinton and many of Jones’ supporters to characterize the attack ranges from suggestive to outright condemnation, and for good reason. That’s because most of the previous abuse she received wasn’t just hateful — it was downright sexist and racially charged. And now that her personal information and media has been doxxed, the Department of Homeland Security is investigating what essentially equates to a hate crime.

So you’d better believe the politician nicknamed “Khaleesi” by President Obama’s anger translator is on Jones’ side in this one.