The Latest Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory Involves Whether Or Not She Opened A Jar Of Pickles

Of all of the tactics Donald Trump and his supporters have been using to try to discredit Hillary Clinton, probably the most bizarre has been claims that she is in too poor of health to serve as president. Of course, there has been no evidence whatsoever backing these claims, which seem to have no bearing in reality. So, when Jimmy Kimmel had Clinton on his show this week, he asked if she would open a pickle jar to “prove” her health. Which she was more than happy to do! Look at our girl open that jar!

All in good fun, right? WRONG. Kimmel’s innocuous little stunt incredibly backfired, as viewers took to Twitter to allege that they “cheated” by giving her an already opened pickle jar. Really? This is what this election has come to? Whether or not a candidate opened a dang jar of pickles?

“Based on the response we got online, you would think we faked the moon landing,” Kimmel stated, before revealing a number of angry tweets, many pointing to the lack of a “popping” sound as the jar opened as evidence that it has been pre-opened for the candidate. Since the segment aired, the hashtag #hillaryspickles has even inexplicably picked up steam.

To try to undo the damage and throw detractors off scent, Kimmel closed the segment by offering up an even more outrageous conspiracy to give them something to chew on. Hey, at least it probably won’t be the dumbest thing to happen this election cycle, anyway.

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