Hope Hicks Reportedly Revealed Nothing Of Value To The House Intel Committee: ‘We Got Bannoned’

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Back in December 2017, Donald Trump Jr. changed his story and said he had actually spoken to White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, not his father, when reports first broke about Don Jr.’s meeting with Russian representatives at Trump Tower. While she’s so far been able to stay mostly clear of the ongoing investigation, Hicks has reportedly been accused of something approaching obstruction of justice by a witness interviewed by Robert Mueller. Nevertheless, when word circled she would be speaking the House Intelligence Committee, many were wondering what she would say. The answer? Not much.

“We got Bannoned,” Rep. Denny Heck (D-Washington) told reporters (via CBS News) during a break in testimony, a reference to former House White chief strategist Steve Bannon’s unproductive testimony that was limited by the White House after Bannon had been subpoenaed by the committee.

Multiple Republican committee members simply made reference to the interview with Hicks being “boring,” but they did not answer whether or not the post-election transition activities of the staff were part of the line of inquiry. Hicks has reportedly also been interviewed by Robert Muller’s team and the Senate Intel Committee as part of their separate investigations, but her lawyer has been mum regarding what came up during those sessions while denying Hicks had done anything wrong.

(Via CBS News)