‘House Of Cards’ Creator Beau Willimon Makes The Case For Twitter To Delete Trump’s Unhinged Account

Today’s latest Twitter rant by Donald Trump struck a nerve with many across the nation. Plenty questioned why and asked for the proof that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower as the current president was alleging. Others took it as another moment to criticize Trump for his numerous outbursts and comments that have puzzled folks since Trump began his campaign.

But House of Cards creator Beau Willmon decided to take the outburst from the president in a different direction. Instead of questioning the words or ranting about their effect on the country, Willmon instead turned his attention to Twitter and what the social media platform should do with Trump’s accounts. The man behind House of Cards points out that Trump’s tweets have “crossed a line” and that as president, he is in a unique position that no other user on Twitter can claim to be in.

Across 16 tweets, Willmon makes his case and uses Trump’s past actions to form the base for Twitter to delete the accounts.

After calling out the president for his “continuing impulsiveness, recklessness, delusion & ignorance about gov’t” and how Trump “makes the argument for himself being a liability to the people” with his tweets and criticisms of the media, Willmon offers some words towards critics of his position. The main target is those who would call it a violation of free speech. To those people, Willmon cites Trump’s treatment of the media and the fact that “no private company owes [Trump] an outlet.”

It’s a strong thread, especially compared to some of the rants that become lauded on Twitter only to reveal some pretty nasty things about people. It isn’t the first time that someone has urged Twitter to delete the accounts, but it does show that today’s outbursts may be the last straw for some. It’s an odd notion to think that Twitter would delete the President of the United States’ account. The president certainly doesn’t need it to reach the American people or leaders of the world, but blocking him would be such uncharted territory. What would he do and how would it affect Twitter in the end? Would the president just move to Gab?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)