If You Really Wanted To Move To Canada After Trump Wins, Here’s How You’d Do It

It’s a common refrain, when lamenting the popularity of a U.S. presidential candidate that you don’t like, to joke that you would move to Canada if he or she were elected. It’s a snappy way to show your opposition to said candidate, without looking too serious about it.

Still, the number of people who have spoken up about moving to Canada if Donald Trump were to be elected is striking. Not only because Trump has actually taken the trouble to respond to celebrities like Lena Dunham threatening to move to Canada, but because of the spike in Google searches on how to do this whenever he does well, and because some parts of Canada are actually courting disaffected Americans.

So if you really want to move to Canada after the election, here’s how to do it. Like the United States, Canada has visas for skilled workers, but this process is a rigorous one to get through, since the country prioritizes its existing workforce over foreigners. It’s probably even more cumbersome to get sponsorship as a refugee. If you’re lucky though, you may have family in Canada already, and if that’s the case, they can sponsor your visa. The “easiest” routes seem to be marrying a Canadian citizen, or becoming a student at one of the country’s fine universities.

There are all these long and involved processes to moving over the border, or you can stay in the United States, continue to live your life, and maybe even help make change happen. Up to you.