Howard Stern Suggests Donald Trump Only Ran For President To Negotiate A Better Deal With NBC

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Could the National Broadcasting Company have changed this entire election by paying Donald Trump more? Howard Stern seems to think so. Of course, the president-elect now has a (presently) less lucrative gig on the go, so that would be an intriguing twist if the nation’s most popular shock jock is correct.

Stern, who has a fair bit of experience chatting with Trump, commented on both on the newly elected commander-in-chief and his perspective on the man’s mindset on The Howard Stern Show. (That does seem like the appropriate place to do that sort of thing.) The radio icon pointed out that Trump’s new gig isn’t all wedding cake.

“Now, for the next four years of his life — and you don’t know how long you’re going to live — he’s got to sit there and deal with people’s f*cking anger,” offered Stern. “Can he give the people what he promised them? Can he really change the economy? Can he really change America? You know this is like a barge. And if things go wrong — not even because of his own fault — and the economy starts to falter, then you’re everybody’s f*cking scumbag. Everyone’s like, ‘F*ck him.’”

In Stern’s view, this campaign appeared to be a leverage play to get the Peacock Network to pony up more dough for The Donald. Considering that Stern previously worked at NBC, he may have some sort of understanding of how the network does things. Or maybe not.

“I think NBC was f*cking with him on The Apprentice deal. They were going to lower his pay,” mused stern. “I’m telling you the truth, listen to me. They were going to f*ck with him on the contract. He said, ‘You know what I’ll do, I’ll run for president. Even if I don’t win, I’ll announce, it’ll up my game, and I’ll get a better deal.’ Which is a smart move.”

Your mileage with this viewpoint will likely vary, although Stern’s theory could be vindicated if one of the spinning chairs from The Voice makes a similar power move.

(Via The Hill)