Watch The Harrowing Footage Of A Human Chain Rescuing A Woman Stuck In Her Car On A Flooded Street

Ellicott City, Maryland experienced extreme flooding this weekend when when an epic six inches of rain fell on the area between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday night — an entire month’s worth of rain! The heavy rains caused the nearby Patapsco River to raise 13 feet, and as a result many cars and homes were destroyed or damaged, two people lost their lives after they were swept away by the rushing water, and over 100 others had to be rescued.

One such rescue was caught on film by a business owner on Ellicott City’s Main Street. David Dempster writes on YouTube that he and several other men had to come to the rescue of a woman whose car was overcome by the flood waters and started to float down the street. The men hastily formed a human chain by holding onto each other’s forearms to get to the woman’s car window. The woman initially seems reluctant to get out, until another woman off camera screams at her, “Put your sh*t down and get out of the car!”

She finally works up the nerve to climb out the window, where one of the men grabs her and drags her to safety. Dempster, for his part, incredibly filmed the whole thing with one hand from the top of the chain while holding onto the hand of the man in front of him. The quick-thinking and bravery of these guys may just have prevented the total body count from being one higher.

(Via NBC News)