In Case You Were Curious, Alex Jones Is Still Quite Insane

When I had heard that Alex Jones was calling the recent shootings in Las Vegas a false flag operation, I thought it was about time to check in on my favorite conspiracy voice and see what he had to add to the situation.

The answer to that was an insane scenario of how he believes the Wal-Mart shootings could’ve went down. And better yet, I think he made it up right on the spot. It’s a wicked tale of patsys, black-ops, drugging hostages, buying off Wal-Mart security guards, bags on heads and one man with his own media empire spouting it all on the air.

Now this is probably all connected in some manner to the fact that the shooters involved in the Las Vegas incident were avid followers of Jones’ Infowars web site, maybe even meeting on his highly touted dating service. From The Guardian:

But Jerad and Amanda Miller, the two alleged shooters, were actually vocal fans of, and, more than that, as first revealed by Mother Jones, Jerad had as early as 2012 posted on the site about killing police officers.

Miller’s post, which is from May in that year, is titled ‘The Police (To Kill Or Not To Kill)’. Miller discusses, at length, encounters he’d had with police officers, as well as the unfairness of being on probation.

In the post, Miller said one particular experience made him feel like he had taken “a trip back in time to Nazi Germany”.

“I do not wish to kill police,” he wrote. “I understand that most of them believe they are doing the right thing.” But, he explained in the post, he felt he had little choice.

I don’t like promoting the names, but if I don’t want to change it if it is a quote. Besides, it’s not going to make them look like the super celebrities and freedom fighters they might’ve wanted to be. In fact, shooting up a Wal-Mart is about the most un-freedom loving thing you can do, I think.

Just thank your lucky stars that Alex Jones is there to confirm that the government is busy trying to discredit a jackass rancher and his followers by committing murder and covering it up. They could never handle it any other way or possibly be too busy trying to do half a dozen truly awful things in full public view. No way. Total false flag. Just like this article.

(Via RWW Blog / The Guardian)