These Inmates Broke Out Of Their Cells To Help A Guard Having A Heart Attack

A couple of inmates are being lauded as heroes today for temporarily restoring faith in humanity, especially given the recent events grappling the nation.

Eight inmates being held at the Parker County Jail in the basement of a courthouse in Texas risked their lives and saved a guard’s life after they noticed the man had slumped over from an apparent heart attack. The inmates shouted for help, but when help didn’t come, the inmates took matters into their own hands.

With an armed guard in the area and a surveillance camera watching their every move, the inmates risked possibly getting riddled with bullets to break out of their cell and assist the unconscious guard, shackles and all. “We [were] worried because they [were] going to come with their guns drawn on us,” an inmate told a local ABC news affiliate about his decision to break out the holding cell.

Out of their cell, the men, in jail for violent crimes and drug-related charges, screamed and yelled so loud that they got the attention of deputies who came running because of fear that a jail brawl had broken out. Once there, the deputies rounded the inmates back into the cell and called for medical help. Paramedics came, performed CPR and got the unconscious guard breathing again.

“He’s a good man,” another inmate told the station when asked why he risked his life to save the guard. “It never crossed my mind not to [help] whether he has a gun or badge. If he falls down…what happened? Seems pretty natural [to help] to me.”

Faith restored.

(via Vice)

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