An Intruder Was Able To Scale A White House Fence Overnight While Trump Was Inside

An unidentified person was arrested late Friday night for breaching the south entrance of the White House according to ABC News. President Donald Trump was inside the Washington, D.C. residence during the incident, but officials stated no one was injured.

ABC News notes that the intruder, who has yet to be identified, was able to scale a fence a little before midnight and make their way onto the south lawn — all despite security being at an “orange level” according to CNN. This section of the White House is generally where guests arrive to enter the premises. Officials report the intruder had been carrying a backpack as they made their way to the residence, but it did not include any hazardous materials.

This weekend was one of the rare occasions Trump was at the White House. The past few weekends he’s traveled down to Florida to reside at his Mar-a-Lago estate, which he has deemed “The Winter White House.” The Washington Post reports that Secret Service officials scanned the area for additional threats but did not find any causes for concern. Homeland Security head John Kelly was briefed on the situation, but the White House or Trump have yet to comment on the event. While the situation may have been an isolated incident, it is one of several incidents to occur at the White House in the past few years.

(Via ABC News & The Washington Post)