How Does The Iowa Caucus Work And Why Is It So Darn Important?

Iowa’s currently taking center stage in the U.S. political process for good reason. For one thing, Iowans get very involved with politics, but there’s also the Iowa caucus coming up on Monday, February 1. The mere words “Iowa caucus” will make many folks’ eyes glaze over, but the significance of the event traces back to Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential win. Since then, the state’s first-in-the-nation vote is a key predictor. This is why Carly Fiorina ambushed an elementary school field trip and dragged children into an anti-abortion rally. Even Donald Trump has been lobbying hard in Iowa with the bizarre spectacle of Sarah Palin’s unhinged speech on his side.

Currently, Trump has reclaimed his GOP lead (28%) in Iowa with Ted Cruz falling back into second place (23%). On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton maintains a tiny lead (45%) over Bernie Sanders, who’s still Berning hard (42%). Will these leads hold out through Monday?

In the meantime, this video is here to provide an entertaining glimpse into the enthusiasm of the event. One political party chooses to cast votes secretly, and the other team lets their preferences hang in the open. Arguments will be had, and bargains will be made. In the end, there can be only one winner from each party. Who will the favorites be in this Iowa caucus cycle? Monday can’t come soon enough.