Iran’s Supreme Leader Is ‘Thankful’ To Donald Trump For ‘Showing The True Face’ Of America

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After wars of words, sanctions over missiles, and Donald Trump including Iran in the refugee ban as one of seven Muslim-majority countries, Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei discussed the U.S. president. And in doing so, he (sarcastically) had nothing but glowing things to say. Ayatollah Khamenei said Trump reveals “the true face” of the U.S. This statement comes after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn put Iran “on notice” for continued missile testing.

Khamenei made this speech to a group of Iran’s air force commanders and called the U.S. corrupt. He managed to throw a few more shots at Trump:

“We, however, thank this new guy in the White House, since he largely did the job we had been trying to do in the past decades: to divulge the true face of the US. We had been working to show the world the depth of corruption in US government and ranks and files of the ruling elite; Trump did it in few days after coming to the White House.”

Khamenei’s comments, whether they are truly critical or poking fun at Trump, come at a time when relations between the two countries are tense. After Trump had imposed his immigration ban, Iran counteracted (possibly) by imposing its own immigration ban on U.S. citizens and blew off the president by continuing missile tests. The U.S. pushed back by imposing new sanctions on the country. While Trump is still worrying about SNL, the U.S.-Iran game of one-upmanship may become even more dangerous.

(Via New York Times & CNN)