Explosions And Gunfire Rock An Istanbul Airport With Multiple Fatalities Reported

Getty Image

The Istanbul Ataturk airport transformed into the picture of chaos on Tuesday with reports of at least two explosions and possible gunfire. A CNN breaking clip swiftly indicated multiple injuries. Fox News followed up with a report that 10 people have died with dozens more injured. After the Turkish interior ministry confirmed the incident, Reuters/CNN Turk wasted no time hinting at Turkish officials’ suspicion that suicide bombers executed an attack.

The Washington Post fills in some gaps with a report that two attackers detonated explosives after police fired shots near a security checkpoint. A CNN report shows the initial scene as disaster and emergency crews arrive.

Details remain scarce right now, but Turkey has been plagued with regular occurrences of suicide bombings by Islamic State and Kurdish militants. In April, U.S. officials warned of “credible threats” upon tourist areas in the country. The heavily trafficked Ataturk airport serves international travel, and (as such) would be a logical target for an act of terrorism. This video claims to show the aftermath of one explosion with airport patrons huddling on the floor and awaiting further instruction.

This photo shows damage outside the airport with a suggestion that a powerful blast (instead of a grenade launch) took place.

The authenticity of this photo hasn’t been verified but claims to depict an Ataturk terminal interior.

Yet another unverified photo (this time of an AK-47) reveals more.

Sky News footage shows another viewpoint as the situation unfolds.

UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting that at least 28 are dead and 60 injured in the attacks. CCTV footage also shows an attacker being shot by police before he detonated an explosive.