Ivanka Trump Defends ‘Feminist’ Donald Trump Against Claims That He Doesn’t Respect Women

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Donald Trump’s campaign has a problem with getting female voters. Probably because he’s called women all sorts of misogynistic names and is not a fan of women’s reproductive rights. But, his ever-supporting daughter is making claims again that her father is not only for women but is actually a feminist.

Last year, Ivanka defended her father regarding his treatment of women and last week the GOP’s token transgender friend Caitlyn Jenner spoke in support of Trump and stated that he is “very much for women.” Now, Ivanka is expanding on her thoughts of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s feminist traits by telling the Sunday Times of London:

“My father is a feminist. He’s a big reason I am the woman I am today. People talk about gender equality. He has lived it, he has employed women at the highest levels of the Trump Organization for decades, so I think it’s a great testament to how capable he thinks women are and has shown that his whole life.”

Maybe Trump will be heading to Twitter to #AskTheWomen if he should start with the works of Gloria Steinem or Bell Hooks to become a more well-read feminist. We all know how well it turned out when he asked LGBTQ+ people about their culture.

(Via Time)