Jake Tapper Is Forced To Break His Vacation To Express His Disgust Over CNN’s Anti-Semitic Chyron Phrase

Plenty of folks deserve a vacation following the election, even folks who work for CNN. Jake Tapper is one of those folks after he spent a good chunk of the election wading through the spin cycle from both sides every Sunday morning. So it’s typical that as soon as he goes away for the week, there’s a controversy surrounding his show and the endless reporting on the “alt-right.” If you didn’t know any better, you’d likely think the “alt-right” were just a bunch of white nationalists or Nazis. Tapper knows and called out some of the reporting we’ve been seeing on Sunday:

But then the folks at The Lead decided to do their own story and their take was a little more anti-Semitic than most would like:

The entire thing is a mess from start to finish, especially when you consider that there’s a debate about who the alt-right is in this situation — or some of these other situations from this weekend. Luckily, Tapper isn’t completely disconnected during his vacation and weighed in on the situation. One can only imagine the real reaction away from the public eye.

But don’t think Tapper only answered one person online in reference to the gaffe. It’s embarrassing when something happens in your name and you didn’t have anything to do with it happening.

Replacement host Jim Sciutto also weighed in on the chyron, making you think that there’s a disconnect between the on-air talent and the folks making the decisions in the production room.

One thing is for sure, the next four years are going to be a horrible time for media coverage.