James Comey Brought Up ‘This Fella Anthony Weiner’ During His Senate Hearing And Everyone Loved It

Just one day after former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blamed his 11th hour letter (and WikiLeaks) for losing the election, FBI Director James Comey testified before Senate Judiciary Committee about the matter. He became especially animated when Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) asked about his reasoning specifically. “Why was it necessary to announce 11 days before a presidential election that you were opening an investigation on a new computer, without any knowledge of what was in that computer?” she said, adding: “Why didn’t you just do the investigation as you would normally, with no public announcement?”

After thanking Feinstein for her “great” question, Comey then offered a prepared and detailed answer about why he made the problematic announcement in late October. That’s when disgraced ex-politician Anthony Weiner, who is still married to former Clinton aide Huma Abedin (despite everything), came up during Comey’s testimony. After, it was the couple’s shared devices that reignited the email investigation in the first place. “On October 27th, the investigative team… asked to meet with me,” he explained. “They laid out for me what they could see from the meta-data on this fella Anthony Weiner’s laptop, that has been seized in an unrelated case.”

Comey went on to say the team suspected they had found thousands of missing emails from Clinton’s first three months as Secretary of State on Weiners’s computer, but it ultimately proved to be a dead end. Not that any of this mattered, however, because the internet couldn’t handle Comey’s reference to “this fella Anthony Weiner.”

As if Comey’s initial reference to Weiner weren’t enough, however, Sen. Lindsey Graham brought up the ex-politician again — much to the delight of the crowd in attendance, and those watching at home.