James Franco Continues To Address The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Him On ‘Late Night’

James Franco continues to make the media rounds following the Golden Globes, stopping by Late Night With Seth Meyers to face more questions about the sexual misconduct allegations against him one night after Stephen Colbert hit Franco with some of his own. Instead of wading through the entire interview full of laughter and talk about Tommy Wiseau, Meyers brings up the allegations right at the beginning and presses Franco for details.

The responses from Franco are similar to what we heard on The Late Show, though he now confirms that he has read the tweets accusing him. He still says they are “not accurate,” but he seemed willing to keep quiet to let those taking part in the “Time’s Up” movement to use their voice because he “believes in it that much.”

The actual tense moment of the interview comes when Meyers brings up Ally Sheedy and her comments about Franco. He once again says that she deleted the tweet and seems to feel that is good enough for him, but Meyers presses on and asks if he is curious about what she feels he might’ve done. It seems like the first time in either interview that Franco seems to go off of his script, especially because it is a simple question. As Meyers frames it, If he believes he had a good relationship with her, why has he not reached out to find out what happened?

The interview still jumps into a discussion about The Disaster Artist and the wisdom of Tommy Wiseau. Franco shows off some of the recordings Wiseau used to make before making The Room and tries to deliver a little bit of his process into getting the portrayal just right.

No matter what, each interview has an awkward shift when moving from the fun Franco we would’ve normally seen during this appearance and the one who is the latest to be accused of heinous things. It is necessary, but still difficult to pull off.

(Via Late Night)