Jean-Claude Van Damme Has Some Interesting Ideas About Donald Trump And The Illuminati

Everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump. Your uncle, your Facebook friends who you haven’t seen since high school, rappers who rip off classic hip hop songs about butts, social media tycoons, and now Belgian direct-to-video action heroes. Last month, Jean-Claude Van Damme spoke about the presidential candidate while appearing on Le Grand Journal, a French news and political program. So even if you think you can escape television coverage of Trump by crossing the pond, you’re in for a surprise.

Van Damme has some interesting philosophies about Trump. He does like him, but he flat out says that he nor Cruz will win the presidential election. His reason? They’re not buddies with the Illuminati. Van Damme brings up the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and he believes that the number one and number two GOP candidates are not in their pockets, thus they don’t have a chance of winning the election.

Van Damme can’t stop speaking highly of the man despite not outwardly supporting him.  In Paris MatchVan Damme says that Trump “is a man who loves his country.” Maybe all of this pro-Trump speak from Van Damme is because Bloodsport is the GOP frontrunner’s favorite movie. In an-in depth article from The New Yorker back in 1997, while aboard his private jet, Trump stopped the movie Michael to put on Bloodsport; a movie he describes as “incredible and fantastic.” Trump is right, Bloodsport is better than a movie where John Travolta is an angel.

(via Death and Taxes)