Jeb Bush’s Less-Than-Flattering Assessment Of Donald Trump: ‘The Guy Needs Therapy’

Republican Candidates Debate In New Hampshire Days Before State's Primary
Getty Image / Joe Raedle

Jeb Bush may be craning his neck skyward to see GOP rival Donald Trump‘s place versus his in the polls, but that hasn’t stopped the former Florida governor from doling out campaign advice to his competitor. The pointer served up by Jeb? Trump should get acquainted with a shrink.

The mental health suggestion popped up ahead of last night’s Republican presidential debate at a Bush-based midday town hall in Bedford. The subject of Trump’s alleged mocking of a disabled reporter came up and Bush leaned hard into criticism of Trump’s history of “disparaging” people. It was a blast of Trump complete with its own suggestion for how the Republican candidate can sort his issues out.

“It’s just ridiculous. It’s a sign of deep insecurity. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but the guy needs therapy,” he said.

Naturally, the two would butt heads later that night in a heated exchange on ABC’s GOP debate broadcast. Bush attacked Trump over eminent domain and Trump blustered back with both White House hopefuls expressing frustration with the other. Boos rang out in the crowd when Trump put his hand to his lips to give Bush the shush treatment and The Donald countered by saying the disapproval was coming from Bush’s donors and special interests.

That wasn’t the only notable clash that went down between Republican contenders. Our Kimberly Ricci has assembled an essential roundup of last night’s biggest inter-party takedowns.

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