Report: The White House Wants To Put Jeff Sessions Back In His Alabama Senate Seat To Deal With Roy Moore

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As much as Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct scandal has become a problem for the Republican Party, former Alabama senator turned Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from all things Russia has proven just as problematic for the White House. In fact, President Donald Trump even went so far as to say he would never have appointed Sessions had he known his future Justice Department head would do such a thing. Hence why a short blurb in a New York Times report concerning Moore’s problems and the GOP’s attempts to deal with them is catching so much attention.

Per the Times, two anonymous White House officials with knowledge of the matter claim “one idea now being discussed” concerns taking care of both problems. How, you ask? Simple. Should Moore win the election, which remains a distinct possibility for the red state of Alabama, the Senate could block him while Gov. Kay Ivey appoints Sessions back to the seat he previously vacated when he became attorney general. As a result of such a complicated political maneuver, the White House would, therefore, rid itself of Sessions — who is powerless against Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — and solve Alabama’s Moore problem.

Again, this is all circumstantial and speculative, of course. Even so, seeing as how two different White House officials spoke of the same plan to Times reporters, there very well may be some truth to it. And all things considered, the best possible outcome to such a wild scenario would leave establishment Republicans in both Alabama and the White House much happier than they evidently are now.

(Via New York Times)