Jennifer Lawrence Has A Very Specific Message (And Gesture) For Donald Trump

Ah, Jennifer Lawrence. America’s Sweetheart. Never afraid to speak her mind and share her opinions as candidly as possible. In case you forgot that she was a “cool girl” and so over all of the politeness usually required by Hollywood, her recent appearance on British late night staple The Graham Norton Show is doing a great job of reminding you of just that. Besides discussing an incredibly awkward dance floor encounter with Harrison Ford or the nasty specifics of how exactly she pees while covered with blue paint as Mystique in the X-Men series, Jennifer Lawrence also related the story of a close call with Donald Trump.

Apparently, she and Trump were at the same concert together recently and Lawrence really wanted to speak her mind. She doesn’t specify which concert they both happened to be attending, but I’d like to imagine they were taking in a nice evening of Beyoncé or maybe a recent U2 concert date. Lawrence decided it would be a great idea to go find the reality TV host turned politician and send him a message.

So I had my full security, I was like, ‘Find Donald Trump,’” she said. “I was adamant on finding him and making a video of me going, ‘Hey, Trump. F– you!’”

Would any of us in a similar position not have done the same thing? You have a full security force at your disposal, so obviously the best use of that privilege is to go swear at a presidential nominee. It’s the only reasonable reaction when in such close proximity to Trump. Unfortunately Lawrence didn’t get her wish and Trump was never found since she said “I think he knew I was looking for him” and as such she never got her face-to-face. Now that she is telling the story on national television it will almost certainly get back to him though, which is just as much of a win.

(via Entertainment Weekly)