Jessica Chastain, Asia Argento, And Others Praise Uma Thurman For Speaking Out About Weinstein And Tarantino

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The reactions to Uma Thurman’s shocking interview in the New York Times came strong on Saturday after the story hit publication. Many had been waiting to hear Thurman’s take on Harvey Weinstein after she hinted at her anger in November 2017. The eventual truth was similar to previous claims made against Weinstein, but it was the accusations made against director Quentin Tarantino that ended up standing out after the initial impact.

His alleged treatment of Thurman on the set of Kill Bill highlights something separate from the actions of Harvey Weinstein, but still very familiar to those in the industry who weighed in after the story hit.

Jessica Chastain highlighted this in her thread, calling Thurman a “warrior” and noting that directors who insert themselves into scenes, particularly those featuring violence against women, cross a line:

She also shared a warning about labeling an actress “emotionally unstable” in reference to Thurman.

Former actress and writer Quinn Cummings also shared an illuminating thread that indicated how Tarantino’s actions weren’t uncommon in the industry. This includes one example of an unnamed director slapping actresses without consent:

Judd Apatow also weighed in with his own take on Tarantino’s treatment of fellow Kill Bill actress Daryl Hannah and her complaints about being harassed by Harvey Weinstein:

But the most heated of the reactions comes from Asia Argento. The Italian actress had revealed her own encounter with Harvey Weinstein when the scandal first broke at the tail end of 2017 and has since become a vocal figure speaking out against the former mogul and others who have taken advantage of the environment for years. Argento praised Thurman for speaking out, but quickly shared her disdain for the actions of Weinstein and Tarantino:

Argento also had a strong reaction to the statement released by Weinstein late on Saturday evening that seemed to hint at legal action against Thurman according to Entertainment Weekly:

“Ms. Thurman’s statements to The Times are being carefully examined and investigated before deciding whether any legal action against her would be appropriate,”

Argento’s response to the statement says it all:

There has still been no response from Tarantino on the New York Times article, and he did not provide a comment when asked before its publication.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)