Jessica Williams Final ‘Daily Show’ Segment Investigates Bernie Sanders Voters Who Now Support Trump

Jessica Williams leaves a huge hole on The Daily Show with her exit. Luckily she’s moving onto a show of her own, which should be great given the funny selection of things we get to see in her final appearance alongside Trevor Noah. We know there was a huge push for her Williams to be the successor to Jon Stewart — even earning her a spot in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 — but it was not to be.

There’s plenty of criticism flowing for Trevor Noah at this point, but don’t think Williams leaves his show without a high note. Her final segment is a face-to-face encounter with some actual Bernie Sanders supporters who can’t wait to vote for Donald Trump. There’s really no better way for Williams to go out than scratching her head at a group of people who exist despite the absurdity of it all. We’ve seen it before with those Starbucks hating preachers and folks battling parody accounts on Twitter.

And before she walks out the door, the entire team at The Daily Show said goodbye to Williams, with Noah introducing a “best of” package. Williams battles back some tears before everybody smothers her with hugs. Hopefully she goes on to success with Comedy Central and doesn’t become one of those shows you end up hearing about on Tosh.0. She deserves to do well.

(Via The Daily Show)