Jimmy Kimmel Makes The Case That Charlie Sheen Knows More About Healthcare Than Congress

UPDATE: Part of Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Al Franken is embedded below, discussing Kimmel’s efforts with healthcare.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ongoing and very heated battle against the Graham-Cassidy bill has qualified him as the biggest threat (besides Bernie Sanders) against the GOP’s efforts to repeal Obamacare. And the host went in for Round Three during his Thursday monologue. In doing so, he fully acknowledged the criticism that has come his way for tackling such a serious policy matter as a late-night host. He also freely admits, “I’m not qualified to talk about it.”

Still, Kimmel once again makes his nightly case with precision. Here, he does so shortly after the 5-minute mark while reviewing footage of GOP Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy slamming him. “He’s a funny guy, but I don’t think anyone would confuse him with a well-respected healthcare expert,” rattled Kennedy. “I wouldn’t take advice from Charlie Sheen either.” Yet Kimmel wants to know why Congress isn’t listening to medical experts. Then, he points out that “the fact that Charlie Sheen is still alive probably means that he knows more about healthcare” than anyone else, including Congress.

Kimmel, of course, began this public fight due to his son’s life-threatening healthcare issues, and Senator Bill Cassidy — who Kimmel has accused of “lying right to my face” — ended up slapping Kimmel’s name on the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” which the host argues is one reason why his name has become ubiquitous with this battle. And with Cassidy continuing to blatantly lie about preexisting-condition coverage under his bill, Kimmel will not cease his crusade until Congress votes next week.

Also in the above clip, Kimmel reviews how Mike Pence and many GOP senators keep pushing for healthcare decisions to be left to the states. Yet as Kimmel notes, states are known to pass some messed-up laws. One can easily use all of the bathroom bills from GOP legislatures as a ready example, but Kimmel keeps it light on that note. As he puts it, if Florida had its way, it would be “legal to put an alligator into a strip club.” Fair enough.

Senator Al Franken is Kimmel’s final guest of the night and the healthcare debate in the Senate is the main topic of their conversation. Franken thanks Kimmel for his efforts over the past few months and goes on to join in with the efforts to combat the current bill before it is put to vote before September 30th.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)