Jimmy Kimmel Sent Donald Trump’s Number One Fan To Troll Around The Inauguration

Are you familiar with Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s troll extraordinaire Jake Byrd? KTLA sure as sugar wasn’t and that made for some glorious live television. Bless you morning TV types for getting up too early to watch Kimmel. Bless your hearts.

In a tease for Monday’s full segment featuring the celeb-obsessed fake fan enjoying the Inauguration festivities, Jimmy Kimmel was thrilled to showcase a clip from a local TV broadcast featuring Byrd in all his unhinged majesty. Los Angeles station KTLA chats with Byrd (a creation of Kimmel writer Tony Barbieri) as a gaggle of red caps surround the live D.C.-set conversation. In a testament to how rat orgy crazy things have been over the past year, no one seems to put it together that a goof and/or a spoof is unfolding in front of them.

“We have a daddy for president!” shouts a beaming Byrd during Los Angeles breakfast TV. “We almost had a mommy! Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”

Byrd’s shirt likely would have made a killing at the DeploraBall. Anyway, the clip is one heck of a tease for Monday and a friendly reminder to brush up on previous Byrd sightings. Here are two from the archives in Trump and non-Trump flavors.