Jimmy Kimmel Invites A Very Special ‘Fake’ Wolf Blitzer To Accept CNN’s Fake News Trump Award

Jimmy Kimmel had a very special person stop by his show to portray Wolf Blitzer in honor of Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards on Wednesday night. While he does bear a slight resemblance to the CNN host, Kimmel’s father sounds nothing like the man and doesn’t seem to have his robotic sensibilities. Instead, we get a Blitzer that is far more like a New York cabbie and a little bit more willing to cut loose than his CNN counterpart.

Kimmel gave the faux CNN host his own statue that couldn’t be shown on television without being blurred and let him give an acceptance speech to address all those moments CNN “faked” over the year. This includes the writers who “tirelessly” made up stories all year, the special effects crew who made it look like Trump threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans, and Trump himself for making it possible.

Soon Kimmel’s father is joined by his mother who comes with muffins and is apparently dressed as Rachel Maddow — or at least she is according to her husband. The facade is completely ruined by this point and we’re all left to worry about the real stage Kimmel’s father’s garage. He’s not, of course. Papa Kimmel is more worried about making it with “Rachel” and howling at the moon.

In the real awards, CNN came in a distant third behind The New York Times and ABC News. But the network that Ted Turner built did receive the most awards, keeping their status as arch-rivals to the president intact.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)