Joe Biden Has To Bite His Tongue When Discussing Anthony Weiner’s Connection To The New Clinton Email Kerfuffle

In the wake of new developments in the realm of Hillary Clinton and email, Vice President Joe Biden gave his two cents on the topic. In an interview with CNN, Biden looked to be piping hot mad when he learned Anthony Weiner had something to do with this new development.

On Friday, FBI Director James Comey revealed the bureau had discovered new emails that may be pertinent Clinton’s email investigation. Comey was a bit vague about the emails, but the situation turned to soap opera levels when it was revealed the new emails were discovered during a probe of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner‘s sexting controversy. One person who seems peeved about Weiner having a role in this situation is Biden, who looked stunned when told Weiner played a hand in the new controversy:

“Well, oh God, Anthony Weiner. I should not comment on Anthony Weiner. I’m not a big fan. I wasn’t before he got in trouble. So I shouldn’t comment on Anthony Weiner.”

As the interview continued, Biden was asked if he regretted not running for president. With approval rating low for both candidates, Biden could have had a shot, but he doesn’t regret sitting this one out:

“I thought I could beat Hillary. I thought I could beat anybody that ran. No one should run for president unless they think they can do that,” Biden replied. “I didn’t run for one simple, overarching reason: My son was dying and he died. That’s the total reason. I have great respect for Hillary.”

One can only imagine what the race would look like if Biden was in it. Hopefully on where Anthony Weiner wasn’t involved.

(Via CNN)

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