Joe Scarborough Fires Back After Trump Promises To Tell ‘The Real Story’ About The ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts

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On Monday morning, Donald Trump took to Twitter to toss a few insults at Joe Scarborough, the recent Trump nemesis and longtime co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The Republican presidential nominee called the program “unwatchable” and insinuated that Scarborough is dating his co-anchor, Mika Brzezinski.

The Morning Joe hosts been vocal critics of Trump this election cycle, and this is not the first time they’ve drawn his ire. Earlier Monday morning, Brzezinski teased Trump for a speech he gave at a Fredericksburg, Virginia rally, saying that the candidate “belted like, honestly … like he’s had a lot to drink.”

Scarborough fired back in a series of posts that matched Trump’s usual Twitter tone, calling the Republican presidential nominee “SAD!”

In an appearance on Fox Business News Monday, new Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway responded to the feud, stating that her candidate “has the right to defend himself.” She was asked to clarify recent comments that Trump “doesn’t hurl personal insults” in light of his tweets. Conway responded, “What I was saying is he doesn’t hurl personal insults gratuitously, meaning until he’s attacked first.” She argued that Morning Joe “has been an unending anti-Trump screed.”

Trump’s allegations of a Scarborough and Brzezinski romance may be fueled by a Page Six report in June which speculated that the co-hosts are “widely rumored to be romantically involved.”

(Via Huffington Post & Page Six)