Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski Tell Seth Meyers What On Their Show Made Trump The Angriest

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Donald Trump used to be friends, but those days are long behind us as the conservative-leaning Morning Joe hosts are beyond fed up with the President’s increasingly erratic actions just two months into his administration. Things have gotten so bad that Trump even unfollowed the two on Twitter — the truest indicator of a serious beef — which Seth Meyers reminded them of during a visit to Late Night on Tuesday evening.

“It was actually a highlight of the month, when he unfollowed us” Scarborough said, while Mika replied, “I think it actually, in all seriousness, it shows that we got in his head.” It was only when Meyers asked what the true turning point was in their friendship that the truth really came out, however. Scarborough and Brzezinski have had some harsh words for Trump as of late, even banning his trusty mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway from their show.

But as for what really gets under Trump’s skin, he’s as predictable as ever.

I gotta say, one of the things that upset him the most was when we went on the air and I just said in passing, because people were saying, oh you have Trump on for high ratings — yeah, you know at the beginning, it was sort of an interesting thing, sort of a freak show. But as time went on, people knew the act. So I said, Chris Christie and Bernie Sanders actually get higher ratings than Trump does. He went crazy. Sent me a letter, had a spreadsheet, talked about how his ratings were higher than ours…

How… not at all surprising. Say whatever you want about Trump, but to hit him where it really hurts, as always, all you have to do is insult his almighty ratings. (Or crowd sizes, the popular vote, etc.)