John Oliver Reportedly Got Heated With Dustin Hoffman Over Allegations Of His Sexual Harassment

Not much has come of the sexual misconduct allegations against Dustin Hoffman to this point. Two women came forward to accuse the actor in early November. While many others have been completely tarnished or fired due to allegations, Hoffman has seemed to remain unscathed. John Oliver reportedly noticed this and decided to bring up on Monday night during a 20th Anniversary screening of Wag The Dog at 92Y’s Kaufmann Concert Hall in New York.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oliver brought up the recent sexual harassment allegations against Hoffman during the pre-film panel and the legendary actor reportedly became visibly uncomfortable to those in attendance:

A testy back and forth followed whereupon Hoffman said to Oliver “you weren’t there” and the Last Week Tonight host replying “I’m happy I wasn’t” according to Zeitchik.

Several minutes later, Hoffman returned to the topic and accused Oliver of not keeping an “open mind” and “unquestionably believing accusers.”

Many, including the Washington Post’s Steve Zeitchik, highlighted the back-and-forth on Twitter, with some in attendance even reportedly taking video.

Others confirmed the incident on their own accounts, with CBS’ Laura Podesta sharing this photo of the “calm before the storm.”

Despite the reports of those in attendance taking video, none has surfaced at this point. Hoffman is one of the many high-profile names to be named in the growing number of allegations of sexual misconduct in various industries. The actor has denied the allegations against him and claims to not remember.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)