John Oliver Thinks The Real Star Of The U.K. Election Can Save Britain From The Coming Brexit

While American politics are nothing to shake a Reince Priebus-shaped stick at, the recent snap election in the United Kingdom didn’t result in the consolidated government Prime Minister Theresa May had hoped for. Things are so bad, in fact, that many are calling for May to step down since her conservative government’s hold on British politics is no longer as clear as previously thought. What’s more, all of this means that the upcoming, already-complicated Brexit process will only become less clear without a unified approach by May, her party supporters, and partisan detractors otherwise committed to upholding the referendum results.

Enter Lord Buckethead, the joke candidate who nabbed 249 votes in May’s snap election. As The Telegraph and other outlets noted over the weekend, the self-described bucket lord from hyperspace has run in previous British elections, “[securing] 131 votes against Margaret Thatcher in Finchley and [losing] to John Major in 1992.” All joking aside, however, as Last Week Tonight host John Oliver astutely notes, “It is not a great sign that the single most honest statement from any candidate in this election regarding the difficulty of the task ahead came from a man with a two-foot bucket on his head.”

“Your prime minister, your MP — Theresa May — called this election about Brexit. Have we heard from her what she plans to do about Brexit? No. This is mad! On Thursday, you are going to faced with Prime Minister May or Prime Minister Corbyn against 27 prime ministers from the European Union. It will be a shit show.”

“I never thought I’d say this,” Oliver laughs,” but that intergalactic space lord has a point.” And after quickly reviewing just how poorly prepared the new U.K. government (whatever shape it takes) is for the coming EU meeting to lay the groundwork for Brexit, the comedian presents May et al. with a possibility. “Your only real chance here is to utilize the element of surprise. So how about, instead of sending a career negotiator, why not send someone that there is no way they would expect?”

Cue the Brexit negotiator that the U.K. doesn’t deserve, but needs right now.