John Podesta Responds To Trump’s Weird Attack From The G20 Summit: ‘Dude, Get Your Head In The Game’

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Earlier today, Donald Trump took to Twitter to inform the world that “everyone” at the G20 Summit had one thing they wanted to talk about: John Podesta’s refusal to give the DNC server to investigators. Really.

Casting aside the fact that Podesta recently appeared on Fox News and said that he complied with the FBI’s investigation in every way, and the fact that he had no authority to do so and was also hacked, it really strains credulity to think that world leaders at the summit would want to talk about the past actions of a campaign chair of a politician who is not in attendance. Podesta himself seems to agree, popping onto Twitter to respond to Trump’s comment.

In a series of tweets, Podesta says that he found out about the tweets at a pit stop in West Virgnia while on a road trip to Utah with his wife. Calling Trump a “whack job,” Podesta exhorts the president to “get a grip” and says, “The Russians committed a crime when they stole my emails to help get you elected President.” Podesta goes on to suggest that Trump discuss that with Putin while also noting he had nothing to do with the DNC’s actions. He ends the thread saying he has no idea what the president will “be raving about” by the time he arrives at his destination, but hopes the president will “get [his] head in the game” while representing the U.S. at the summit. Read the whole thread below.

For added fun, head to Podesta’s Twitter page and read some of the replies that reference #PizzaGate and Seth Rich’s murder. This year is exhausting.