‘The Opposition With Jordan Klepper’ Confronts Alex Jones About ‘Crisis Actors’ On The Streets Of D.C.

Sometimes a meeting can be so perfect, you have a hard time believing it is actually happening. That seems to be the case in this clip from The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, where the host can’t seem to contain the emotions he’s feeling inside about citizen journalist Kobi Libii running into Alex Jones. It wasn’t clear if this was for a segment or if Libii just happened upon the Infowars host and conspiracy theorist, but the results are pleasing.

As you can see above, Libii is quick to pounce on Jones and his past references to “crisis actors” after major events. Jones tries to deny it, but the show doesn’t let him off easily, showing clips of Jones talking about it all on his show according to Deadline:

“Are you the real Alex Jones?” Libii asked, noting that calling a victim a crisis actor “would be a monstrous thing to do.”

“I didn’t call those guys a crisis actor…

“You’re an actor pretending to be journalist pretending to be a comedian, so you can sit there and confuse your audience like you’re a news show,” Jones hissed at Libii.

“I don’t think a person putting on a big performance show and claiming to be a journalist would get much of a following,” Libii eye-rolled, getting the best of that exchange.

Jones noticed the clip and responded on Twitter, clearly trying to show he was in on the joke:

The reason why Alex Jones was in D.C. might actually be slightly more interesting, coming on the heels of the host’s speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday. According to Think Progress, who had reporter Luke Barnes on hand, the speech started as a talk about the First Amendment and soon morphed into talk about false flags, George Soros, and this quote from after his speech that indicated a plot is being hatched to “false flag” Jones himself:

“I’m particularly worried that they’re gonna have a leftist go do some kind of kamikaze attack to false flag me,” Jones responded. “I know that’s being worked on behind the scene.”

And while Jones claims in the Think Progress piece that they would likely make up anything they want just to say they talked to him, there is a video of Jones saying the above. Considering the mood he was in at the time and the company that surrounded him — including Roger Stone and several prominent alt-right personalities — you’d have to think that any segment The Opposition puts together will be amazing.

(Via Think Progress / The Opposition)